RECRUITMENT COUNSELOR (RHO CHI OR GAMMA CHI) – During Recruitment Week there is an advisor for large groups of potential new members. The advisers, sometimes called Rho Chi or Gamma Chi, are active sorority members who keep their sorority affiliation a secret during Recruitment Week. There are a lot of words and phrases thrown out during your preparation for Recruitment!  Here are the ones that you probably Have to Know!  For those that want to learn more terms and more about the sorority recruitment process, click HERE for more!

ALUMNA/ALUM (plural = Alumnae) – A woman who has completed a period of active membership in a sorority chapter in college.

ALUMNAE PANHELLENIC – The city organization of the alumnae of National Panhellenic Conference sororities (like PRAP).

BID – A written or oral invitation to a potential new member to pledge a sorority.

DEFERRED RECRUITMENT – Time scheduled after the opening of school for Recruitment Week. Sometimes this is in January rather than the fall.

DROPPING OUT OF RECRUITMENT – If it becomes necessary for a potential new member to discontinue attendance at recruitment parties, she should check with her University Panhellenic as to procedure and registration for Recruitment at a later date.

INITIATION – Inspirational ceremony where potential new members are inducted to active member status.

INTENTIONAL SINGLE PREFERENCE/SOLO BIDDING/SUICIDE – To indicate only one choice at a preferential signing. NPC strongly recommends that every girl going through recruitment indicate a first and a second choice at preferential signing.

LEGACY – Generally defined as the daughter, granddaughter, or sister of an initiated sorority member. A potential new member may be a legacy to more than one sorority.

LETTER OF SUPPORT – A personal letter written by an alumna in support of a potential new member and sent to the active chapter.


REFERENCE (RIF) OR RECOMMENDATION (REC) – A form used by sororities with information pertaining to the potential new member; each sorority has slightly different informational needs. A reference/recommendation is voluntarily written by an alumna of a sorority. Alumnae use these forms to call a potential new member to the group’s attention but it is the sorority chapter’s privilege to choose who shall receive bids.