Dear Potential New Member (PNM),

Thank you for registering with the Plano-Richardson Alumnae Panhellenic (PRAP). The goal of the Fraternity Education Team (FRAT ED) is to help guide you through your sorority recruitment journey. Please refer to the PRAP website often as you navigate deadlines and items to be completed (  You will receive an email to activate a username and password on the PRAP website (PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER). This username and password will allow you to modify your registration and apply for a scholarship.

The website has several resources to help you prepare for formal recruitment. Here is a summary to get you started!


* Prepare your “packet”: This is your detailed resume, your transcript(s), your SAT and/or ACT scores, and pictures (4″ X 6″ – 3 poses – face shot, waist up, and full length). On the back of each picture write your full name, high school, home town, and university. Remember to paper clip adequate postage to the resume. In addition, you should have a digital copy of this packet as well for sororities who perform their RIF process online.

* Locate sorority alumnae who will write RIFs and LOSs for you: Ask at school, church/synagogue, parents’ work, neighbors, and family – everywhere – for leads to women who are alumnae. Network with your friends to locate alumnae for each sorority chapter on your university campus. The stronger RIFs come from women from your hometown who know you personally, but RIFs from women away from your hometown are always accepted. PRAP highly recommends you have at least one RIF and if required one Letter of Support (LOS) for each house on campus.

May 1:

* If you are attending a large university, you will want to have your RIFs completed so they can be sent to the university chapters by the June 1st. That means you must have your information delivered to the alumnae by the end of April. Keep in mind that it takes about 45 minutes to write one RIF and many alumnae write many RIFs. So please honor their time and get the packets to them early.


* You MUST register with the College Panhellenic at your college or university in order to be eligible for recruitment on your campus. Complete all of the forms, pay the fee, and KEEP THE RECEIPT. When you go to summer orientation, go to the Panhellenic Office and make sure they have received your registration. When you go to recruitment TAKE THE RECEIPT WITH YOU AS PROOF THAT YOU REGISTERED ON TIME.

Does your college have Spring Formal Recruitment?

Some schools, who have Spring Formal Recruitment, want RIFs turned in by the middle of August. In addition, some of those universities may have informal fall parties so they want to know who is interested in recruitment. PRAP highly recommends you participate in all informal parties and activities sponsored by sororities. Some sororities may require you to attend these fall functions. Don’t miss out on a membership opportunity because you did not attend a function! Be sure to check with your university for specifics, timelines, and requirements for Spring Formal Recruitment.


Click here to download the PRAP Recommendation Chairperson List. This is a list of women who serve as their Recruitment Chairs for Plano and Richardson. Use this list after you have exhausted all of your sources for alumnae to write for you and you still cannot locate alumnae for a sorority.
Click here to download the recommendation instructions for your reference writers. Please supply the sorority page to your reference writer with your supporting packet (social resume, transcript, ACT or SAT scores, and photos).

What’s Next?

The email you have provided is the email address PRAP alumnae will use when contacting you. BE SURE YOU CHECK THIS EMAIL ADDRESS REGULARLY as alumnae will be emailing you and expecting a timely reply.

When recruitment is over, can you let us know about your recruitment experience? Did you pledge? Did you refuse a bid?  Please email us at or send a quick text to one of our team that may contact you. We really appreciate it!

We are here to answer your questions now, during recruitment week, and afterwards.  To apply for a scholarship or make changes to your registration, please visit the PNM Actions page –

Warmest regards,
PRAP Fraternity Education Team