Moms –
We know it often gets left up to you to determine what to do and how to get it done! So, here are a few ways you can help your daughter through sorority recruitment.

  • Know the deadlines and help your daughter meet them. See Timeline for Sorority Recruitment for more information.
  • Find family, friends, neighbors and church members that are sorority members. Have your daughter ask them to write recommendations.
  • Help with resume and pictures – to be turned in by May 1st.
  • Ensure your daughter has registered with PRAP (now) and her University’s Panhellenic office (Summer)
  • Ask questions! Call or email the University Panhellenic office for information specific to your university. Reference Chairmen and Alumnae will be able to answer specific questions about their individual organizations.
  • Expect a lot of stress during Recruitment Week.  It is ok to be there on bid day.